CHARLIE JACKSON is a junior. She is very excited to be part of this amazing production. Charlie would like to thank her friends and family and being awesome. Happy Halloween.

FIONA JENKINS is a junior this year and she is very grateful for this opportunity to be a part of the amazing collaborative production. She would like to thank her wonderful directors and supportive cast mates. She would also like to thank her cats, Flanders and Tibbetts for moral support and Cuddles.

GRACE OZEENE is a freshman and has been doing theater since she was 11. This is her rst Grant production. She has enjoyed the process immensely and is excited for future productions.

IRENE HAIGERTY is a sophomore and this is the
rst play she has been in at Grant, besides The Little Mermaid. She has had so much fun thus far creating this show along with everyone involved, and is so glad she tried out for this production.

ELLORY SCHREPEL is a senior and a composer, singer, slam poet, and rockstar. In his limited spare time, he can be found at Wendy’s. He would like to thank Leslie Jones for all she’s done.

IRIS CAMPBELL is a senior and radically happy to be in this show. She’s been in Spamalot, Little Shop of Horrors, As You Like It, The Little Mermaid, A Very Potter Musical, and one-acts. You’ll see her in the White House one day. She’s absolutely BAT-ty for this show!

IZZIE VALLE is a senior and this is her fth Grant production! You might have seen her as a Mersister in The Little Mermaid last year! She is so pleasantly proud of this show and would like to thank her fantastic cast and directors. Bon voyage!

TÉA JOHNSON is a senior and is overjoyed to be a part of something so special and beautiful. You may have previously seen in her as Corin in As You Like
It, Edna in the one act The Whole Shebang, or the ensemble of Spamalot and Little Shop of Horrors. She is president of Grant’s thespian troupe and a member of Oregon Children Theatre’s Young Professionals. She plans to study theatre in college next year and is incredibly grateful to Ms. Todd for giving her so many opportunities.

BRITTA BAER-SIMON is a senior this year, and entering her third year at Grant. She is now the Head of Costuming and on the board for Grant’s thespian troupe. She was part of As You Like It, The Little Mermaid, and Peter Across the Sea. The Conference of the Birds has been an amazing experience for her and she would like to thank the fabulous cast for helping her make it through all of the long rehearsals, her parents for the rides home, and Ms. Todd for bringing this piece of art into the world.

DAVIS PIES is a sophomore and is excited to be in his first show at Grant High School. Davis does lots of theater outside of high school for nine years! He would like to thank his awesome and supporting family for coming and showing their support.

BEX GOSHORN is a senior and a theatre newbie, pumped to be in their rst production! Obsessed with music, she sings, plays the ukulele, and dabbles in guitar. She would like to thank her older brother and soon to be sister as well as her sweet cuddly cat Kokanee. Love ya, bub!

AUJAI WEBSTER is a senior and has a passion for all visual and performing arts. This is her third production at Grant High School. Aujai’s favorite part about theater, are the long rehearsals until 9 at night and obviously, the cast parties! “Cross your fingers I don’t jack up my lines!”

YURI PETTY is a senior and is ecstatic to be in her 2nd show at Grant. Last year she was in The Little Mermaid and had a great time. Outside of theatre, she enjoys art, reading, writing, video games, and is the president of Seitokai and Japanese Club. She’d like to thank her supportive and loving friends and family and Ms. Todd for granting her this wonderful opportunity. Away!

TOMAS BECKETT is a junior this year and incredibly honored to take up the lead role of this years play. Tomas loves theater and the performing arts, and aspires to do much more as the high school years come to a close. Tomas also really enjoys lmmaking and special effects editing. He lives for the moments when everything clicks into place, even if it’s at the last minute.

BOBBIE MCMAHON (Assistant Director) is a senior this year, and has worked on tech for the past three years. They have worked on As You like it, Spamalot, and one acts. They are so excited to have people see all the hard work the cast and crew have done over the past months. They dedicate their work in the show to their sister, Rayn, who has inspired them to pursue theatre work at Grant.