Director’s Notes

First of all, let me begin with an admission: Little Shop of Horrors has never been high on my list of must-direct musicals. I saw the movie when I was in college and was a little underwhelmed, so the show never really registered for me as something more than well-made camp for Roger Corman fanatics or hard-core musical theatre junkies. I’m extremely pleased to report that I couldn’t have been more wrong. The magic in this show is conjured, of course, by the devastatingly effective partnership of Howard Ashman and Alan Menken in their first major collaboration as lyricist and composer. As Ashman points out in his author’s note, the play doesn’t aspire to ironic commentary on the silliness of sci-fi movies, girl groups, or musical comedy itself, but aims for an honesty and simplicity seemingly in abundance as America caught a few more minutes of shut eye while we still liked Ike, father knew best, and a fence of real chain link was what kept us safe from the things we didn’t want to know. After spending some time with the characters and songs in rehearsal, it became clear to me that far from being an also-ran, Little Shop was a not-so-minor masterpiece of musical comedy. It is with great pride and excitement I invite you to finally share in the fruits of our labor over the last two months. On behalf of the incredibly dedicated actors, crew, musicians, and my amazing production team. . . .  Welcome! We hope you enjoy the show.

– C.L.