Special Thanks

Principal Carol Campbell and Vice Principal Krystyn Westphal for their steadfast and ongoing support of the Performing Arts at Grant.

Laura Grimes, aka The High Priestess of Parent Volunteers, for her phenomenal energy and commitment to making this show a success through her patient handling and judicious prodding of the at-times-addle-pated director, focused acquisition of all manner of exotic/outlandish props/set pieces, entertaining yet comprehensive communiques to parents about production needs, publicity, supervision and just generally being the glue that holds the whole darn thing together. I really can’t thank you enough!

Steve Little, the first guy at the door Saturday morning with a chop saw and a smile that says: I’ll pretty much build everything you haven’t finished or even begun and be back next week for more. Scouting report: Engine room of the production. Collected. Unrelenting. Unfazed by air-hose leaks.

Monique McClean and Sally Morrow – Dream Team. Glimmer Twins. Call them what you will, the aesthetic value-added factor is incalculable once they put pen to paper, brush to scrim, fingertips to I6 keypad. Storefronts, brownstones, acrylic, latex; the medium may change but the quality of the design and execution remains constant – AMAZING!

Rick Belliveau, the second guy through the door Saturday morning but last to punch out at the end of the day. Scouting report: Lethal in combination with El Supremo Steve, unfazed by variance in drill bit, maintains an impossibly high standard of personal grooming in sawdust heavy environments.

Felipe Lujan-Bear for an amazing website design and production photos.

Jen Milius for super cool poster, graphics and program.

Chris Whitten Design and Display and Clackamas Community College for the rental of Audrey II.

All the parents who contributed props and helped with cafeteria supervision. Kelly, Draven, and Fiona for doing such a great job with costumes.

Julana for being my rock and knowing when and how to make me laugh.

Randy for being so talented and generous and funny.

Brian and John for being so patient and professional even though you got your music late and had more down time during run-throughs than is usual or customary.

My amazing tech crew that are really one of the best I’ve had the privilege of working with. And the contributions of both stagecraft classes in the critical areas of lighting, construction, scenic painting, and set dressing.

Lastly, I want to give a special note of thanks to two outstanding seniors who have really given an amazing amount of time and energy to Grant theatre productions: Dan Sims and Brendan Switalla. You will be missed and your contributions not soon forgotten.

– C.L.