Senior One Act Plays

Senior theater students direct their final pieces! Acts include an original musical, a newly discovered William Faulkner, comedies, dramas, and an experimental movement piece. It’s the last chance to see your fellow classmates perform!

May 16-19 at 7:30 pm in the Grant Auditorium.
Cast A – May 16 and 18.
Cast B – May 17 and 19.

$10 adults, $5 students, $3 for card-carrying Thespians, including Thespians from other schools. Cash or check only at the door.

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A-Day Performance –Mon. May 16th & Wed. May 18th

  • God – Directed by: Ethan Paul & Joe Reiber – A Play by: Woody Allen
  • The Whole Shebang – Directed by: Rachel Peri & Zoe Stadler –A Play by: Rich Orloff
  • Peter Across The Sea – Written and Directed by: Isaiah Zimmerman

B-Day Performance–Tues. May 17th & Thur. May 19th

  • Wasp – Directed by: Willem Winter & Zoë Hernandez-MacDonald –A Play by: Steve Martin
  • Hit – Directed & Adapted by: Eliza Kamerling-Brown & Maya Date –Based on a play by: Zoe Ruddman

Tech Crew

Stage Manger: Dreama Benson
Assistant Stage Manger: Shane Bryan
Running Crew: Ella DeMerritt, Kate Atchinson, Sarah Whitney
Light Board Operator: Kate Patralia
Construction Setup: Stage Craft Class
Sound Board Operator: Kyra Orr


Directed by: Willem Winter & Zoë Hernandez-MacDonald

Voice #1: Moya Woods
Voice #2: Kusaiyah Gibson

Dad: Ellory Schrepel
Sister: Hannah Brewer
Mom: Geri Spillers
Son: Iris Campbell


Based on a play by: Zoe Rudman
Directed and Adapted by: Eliza Kamerling-Brown & Maya Date

Dancer 1: Quiandra Watson
Dancer 2: Richard Smith

Actor 1: Charlie Jackson
Actor 2: River Anderson

This piece deals with issues of domestic violence and may contain upsetting subject matter for some. There will be a talkback after the show for those who wish to stay & process.


By: Woody Allen
Directed by: Ethan Paul & Joe Reiber

Actor/Phidipides: Finn Topelmann
Writer: Sam Schrader
Friend/Bob: Sam Selis
Lorenzo Miller/Guard: Jackson Smith
Bursitis/Delivery Boy: Michael Meo
Blanche/Woman/Wendy: Megan Hurley
Doris: Eva Haykin
King/Man: Haven Riffel
Trichinosis/Chorus: Caleb Putnam
Master: Joe Reiber
Woody Allen: Ethan Paul

“We’d like to thank Woody Allen, God, Grant High School, Ms.Todd, Mr. Lane, and Our wonderful hardworking cast”

The Whole Shebang

By: Rich Orloff
Directed by: Rachel Peri & Zoe Stadler

Dean: Sarah Anderson
Student: Mikala Capage
Professor A: Christina DePinto
Professor B: Lauren Wood
Harvey: Neal Bryan
Edna: Teá Johnson
Huge thanks to Jim and Sheli Bryan for the couch and to Dr. Dreyer for the table and all the effort taken in transporting it.

Peter Across The Sea

Written and Directed by: Isaiah Zimmerman

Peter: Isaiah Zimmerman
Mother: Britta Baer-Simon

Song List:

Man Up (Pre-Show)
Pseudo Love Song
Come and Go
Who Needs Feelings
Bandaged Hands
Honest (Curtain Call)

This piece has been quite the journey! Initially I was a little scared; I then waited a few months. What was then produced was the hour and a half long version of the piece you’ll see tonight. (Don’t worry! It’s been cut and refined!)

This piece is about acceptance, peace, fear, anger, and feeling comfortable and loved for who you are.  This character you will see is one that is very close to me, but it was also very close to another person. I have to shout out to Noah Watson who was suppose to be playing Peter for you tonight, but due to some unfortunate circumstances, he was unable to perform

I would also like to thank Natalie, Allison, and Meegan Closner who wrote this amazing music and let me use it to tell this story.

My goal for this piece to engage every audience member, no matter age, class, or place in their life to see some sort of themselves in this character! Always remember, there is always somewhere to go to find peace and solace, and He will love you no matter what! I hope you enjoy!

’Twixt Cup and Lip

By: William Faulkner
Directed by: Joshua Hicks

Jim: Max Tapogna
Francis: Ryan Little
Ruth: Claire Wheeler

It was a happy accident when, in the process of scouring for one-act plays, I came across ’Twixt Cup and Lip, a comedy by the young William Faulkner. The play, which spent nearly a century in obscurity, was recently discovered and published for the first time last November in The Strand Magazine. Until now, it has never been produced, and I am delighted to be giving its world premiere on the Grant stage.

Faulkner probably wrote the play as a student at Ole Miss, just as the Eighteenth Amendment illegalized the production and sale of alcohol. Consequently, the characters in Faulkner’s play all drink copiously. It is also important to consider that, at the time of the play’s composition, the collegiate Faulkner was undoubtedly studying both Shakespeare (who would later prove to be a great influence on the author) and Sigmund Freud, whose ideas were then in vogue. It is with this assumption that I offer an interpretation steeped both in Shakespearean comedy and psychoanalysis, with particular emphasis given to the twisted psyche of the main character, Jim.

But, interpretations aside, this production could not have been possible without the unyielding devotion of its unbelievably talented cast, the support of the wonderful Trisha Todd, the efforts of Laura Grimes in her acquisition of period props and costumes, and, of course, the words of William Faulkner.