One Act Shows for November 6, 8, 14


One Act Shows for November 7, 13, 15, 18


Tech Crew

Stage Manager: Kate Petralia
Set/Props: Dan Sims
Lighting: Brandan Switalia
Sound: Sound Engineering Class


Lucy Aldisert
Madeline Carlson
Grayden Gooding
Ryleigh McMahon

Check Please

Playscript: Jonathan Rand

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Jenna Brandis and Quinci Freeman
Ken/Manny: Nikoli Lujan-Bear
Guy: Dylan Palmer
Girl: Elisa Suarez
Todd: Bella Freeman
Linda: Izzy Schulenburg
Mary: Nika Bartoo-Smith
Pearl: Maya Date
Mark/Brandon/Louie: D’Shawn Lampkin
Melanie/Mimi: Marina Gilbert


Love can be hard to find in a big city, especially with the luck these two have. As they look for love, Guy and Girl go through many obstacles ranging from mimes to kleptomaniacs and everything in between. People say love conquers all, but in this situation can it be true? Will there be a light at the end of the tunnel?

The Lesson

PlayscriptEugène Ionesco

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Jack Aldisert
The Professor: Finn Topelmann
The Pupil: Zoe Stadler
The Maid/Marie: Henry Barber


The Lesson takes place in a small French flat some time after WWII. The Professor, a man somewhere between 50 and 60, is expecting a young, new Pupil.

The Professor’s Maid, a stout, red-faced woman in middle age, has been with the Professor for  many  years and worries about his health.

As the absurd lesson progresses and the tension increases, see how each character deals with the mounting stress of The Lesson.

La Bete

PlayscriptDavid Hirson

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Teresa Patterson
Elomire: Gavriella Troper-Hochstein
Bejart: Jackson Conn
Valere: Fiona Jenkins
Dorine: MacKenzie Bell
Prince Conti: Eva Haykin


Elomire is a playwright, actor and company manager, much like Moliere, the 17th century French playwright.  As if it weren’t enough to write to the whims of his benefactor, Prince Conti, he now has a street actor, Valere, being forced upon his troupe by the prince.  When even his friend Bejart can’t help him, can he avoid taking this buffoon into his company?  Can he abide the ridiculous behavior of his own maid, who now only speaks in words which rhyme with blue?  Find out when you come to watch La Bete.

Three Tables

Playscript: Dan Remmes

Cast & Crew

Directed by:  Amanda Johnston and Annie Willis
Waitress: Ruby Joseph
Paul: Sam Butler
Mandy: Sarah Anderson
Doris: Winter Wagner
Todd: Robbie Goldie
Barbara:  Amber Burkhart
Michael: Daniel Sartin


“Three Tables” by Dan Remmes follows the relationships of three different couples all out for dinner at the same restaurant. Paul and Mandy are celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary, all of their friends and family think they are the perfect couple, but are they? Michael and Barbara are going through a messy divorce, but Michael wants to salvage the relationship, will he be able too? Todd and Doris are on a blind internet date and are very open with their beliefs on marriage and relationships, will sparks fly between them? Find out what happens to each couple as the wine begins to flow and people begin to talk. Amanda and Annie would like to thank their actors for being so flexible with them, Amanda’s dad for building the three tables, Double Tree Laundry for donating the linens, and their moms for drinking the wine so they could use the bottles. Annie would like to thank Amanda a million times for dealing with her schedule and they would like to thank each other for allowing their freshmen year dream to become a reality.

Control Freaks

PlayscriptBeth Henley

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Claire Manning and Savannah Turner
Sister: Isabella Zhetebauer
Carl: Jack Aldisert
Betty:  Mia Ring
Paul: Ryan Little

Juicy and Delicious

Playscript: Lucy Alibar

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Connor Johnson and Mitchell Schaumberg
Hushpuppy: Isaac Sten
Joy Strong: Jessica Barr
Daddy: River Anderson
Miss Bathsheba: Jordan Corder-Swanson
Mamma: Miranda Karson

The Lottery

Based on a story by: Shirley Jackson
Brainerd Duffield

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Cowan Jenkins and Damon Rennaker
Tammie: Heidi Osaki
Dickie Soren: Cowell-Shah
Mr. Martin: Ian Cho-McGranaghan
Mr. Delacroix: Willem Winter
Bill Hutchison: Damon Rennaker
Davy Hutchison: Kirin Cowell-Shah
Mrs. Dunbar: Erika Simms
Mrs. Watson: Jenna Richards
Miss Bessom: Eva Bailey
Jack Wilkins: Ollie Simms
Old Man Warner: Henry Barber
Joe Summers: Cowan Jenkins
Belva Summers: Olivia Bozarth
Tessie Hutchison: Sprout Chinn


Why do humans continue to support dangerous traditions, ideals and rituals? Why does racism, bigotry and homophobia still exist? Shirley Jackson explores why humans continue to hold onto bigoted beliefs, from the angle of a woman in the 1940’s, in her play, The Lottery.

The Lottery takes place on an unusual day in a Southern Town with a dark secret.

The Philadelphia

PlayscriptDavid Ives

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Aaron Karson and Maya Dooney
Al: Izaiah Zimmerman
Mark: Ethan Paul
Waitress: Megan Harley 

A World of His Own

Based on a story by: Rod Serling
Simon Griffin

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Simon Griffin
Narrator: Robert Brooks
Victoria West: Ella Crabtree
Gregory West: Emmet Lane-Ruckman
Mary: Rie Durnil 

Private Lives

PlayscriptNoel Coward

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Carter Bryan and Trenton Bryant-Trerise
Elyot: Joshua Hicks
Amanda: Claire Wheeler
Victor: Carter Bryan
Sybil: Eileen Conley


When Elyot and Amanda divorced and left each other, they thought that would be the last they ever saw of each other. They were done with the accusing, anger, and violence. Now, after five years, they have finally remarried. Elyot has married Sibyl, a pretty, lively, naïve girl who is madly in love with him. Amanda has married Victor, a man who thinks he is the strong one in the relationship. Things get even more awkward, however, when the two new couples go on their honeymoon. They both go to France, and the two couples both go to the same hotel. They even get suites right next to each other. When Elyot and Amanda see each other, they attempt to convince their spouses to leave. How will all this turn out? Come to the One Acts and see.

All the Things You Didn’t Know

Based on a story from the book “13 Reasons Why” by: Jay Asher
Savannah Charlish

Cast  Crew

Directed by: Savannah Charlish
Hannah Baker: Lauren Wood
Clay Jensen: Henry Belliveau
Tony Thompson/Tyler Down:  Isaiah Zimmerman
Courtney Crimson/Jessica Davis/Jenny Kurtz:  Amy Burkhart
Alex Standall/Bryce Walker:  Caleb Putnam
Justin Foley/Marcus Cooley:  Jasper Grigsby-Schulte


All the Things You Didn’t Know was written and directed by Savannah Charlish. It was based off the novel 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher. The one act is a suicide awareness piece. Hannah Baker committed suicide but left tapes behind telling the story of why she ended her life. Clay Jensen, receives the tapes and with the audience learns the story of what happened to Hannah Baker. Laughs will be shared, tears will be shed as the unraveling folds to tell all the things you didn’t know.