Special Thanks

This production was a HUGE undertaking, and many people deserve a lot of thanks and credit for making it a reality. First of all, Carol Campbell for her smart and compassionate leadership and support; Kristyn Wetsphal for her support, insight and patience; and Claudia Ramos-Tetz for moving through her first year at Grant with such grace and aplomb. Thank you, Administrative Team!

Stagecraft for their part in creating this show, Jenny Shea, my amazing parent volunteer coordinator, for all her hard work tracking down props and set pieces, organizing parent support, working on publicity and ticket sales; you name it, she did it and it simply could not have been the show it is without her. Lars Topellman and Monique McClean, (let’s just call them the Art Department cavalry, shall we?) for designing and creating the Spamalot Castle and generally being amazing; Steve Little for being equally indispensible and amazing for building the Swamp Castle, Star of David, sundry and other things; Joe Johnson for his awesome carpentry skills; Eric Eisemann for rocking the mighty Portcullis; Ginny Stern for her constant support and assistance; Laura and Don Nissen for painting and set construction support; Hannah Nissen for being the lead scenic painter and an all-around-amazing human being; Adrian Gallash for your wonderful painting contributions; Grace Anderson for all her hard work teching Grant productions over the last four years; Dan Sims for his commitment to Grant theatre over the last two years; the Oliviae for their good humour and dependability; Amelia for having the best inadvertant nickname ever; Brett Wilson for making me laugh a little too hard and having such a way with polysterene; Nat Bartos for saving the day with your excellent lighting design and unfailingly pleasant demeanor; Larry Larsen for making it possible for Nat to save the day and for the use of your flying rig; Steve Knox with Lakewood Theatre for your generosity with props and set pieces; Kelly Walsh for your unbelievable patience and consummate artistry with costumes; Shannon and Nona Wasson for your constant friendship and support; Tom Beckett for the use of his wonderful medieval weapons and costume pieces; John Eisemann and Nick Budge for being such great musicians, teachers, and colleagues; Jessica Murray for being such a welcome addition to our performing arts department and such a class act; Jen Milius for her delightful poster and program design, Julanna Torres for being my number one unindicted co-conspirator and a true inspiration as a choreographer and creative being; and the two people who mean the most to me and give me something to strive for every day by being a part of my life and letting me be a part of theirs: Vivian and Lydia.