Grant High School theater department presents Tartuffe, Molière’s witty satiric comedy that skewers hypocrisy and the French nobility, Feb. 19-21, 26-28. Sumptuous costumes! Lechery! Villainy! And, ah, young sweet love. All showtimes are 7:30 p.m., except opening night, which is 8 p.m. Tickets $10 adults, $8 students, available at the door. Grant High School auditorium, 2245 N.E. 36th Ave., (503) 916-5160.

Written by:  Molière


Max Tapogna as Tartuffe
Ryan Little as Laurent
Michael Meo as Cléante
Isaiah Zimmerman  as Madame Pernelle
Fiona Jenkins  as Flipote
Joshua Hicks  as Monsieur Loyal
Finn Topelmann  as Damis
Claire Manning  as Elmire
Jessica Barr  as Mariane
Savannah Charlish  as Dorine
Henry Belliveau  as Valère
Jack Aldisert  as Orgon
Dylan Palmer as A King’s Officer & The Exempt

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Director: Chris Lane
Stage Manager: Olivia Bozarth
Assistant Stage Manager & Court Photographer: Emilija Thorburn
Deck Chief: Dan Sims
Tech & Ground Crew: Lucy Aldisert, Kate Petralia, Isaac Sten
Light Designer and Operator: Brendan Switalla
Costumes Queen: Ruth Jenkins
Sound Operator: Isaac Sten
Costume Construction:  Laura Grimes, Judy Head,
Gavriella Troper-Hochstein, Diane Jenkins, Fiona Jenkins, Ruth Jenkins, Monique McClean, Elizabeth McGrahan, Ingrid Petersen, Katy Philp, Amber Shantall, Ellis Stemple
Make-up/Hair: Fiona Jenkins, Sophie Lujan-Bear, Monique McClean
Wigs: Helen’s Pacific Costumes, Ruth Jenkins
Set Construction: Steve Little, Rick Belliveau, Monique McClean
Devotional Painting: Sam Jenkins
Poster Design: Richard Petralia, East Bank Communications Group
Website: Felipé Luján-Bear, LiquidBook
Video Production: Robert Brooks
Production Images: Lars Topelmann
Tickets: Ingrid Petersen
Concessions: Katy Philp
Marketing & Publicity: Laura Grimes, Matt Kabza’s seventh-period marketing class