Tartuffe Cast

Max Tapogna as Tartuffe

Max Tapogna


Ryan Little as Laurent

Ryan Little


Michael Meo as Cléante

Michael Meo


Isaiah Zimmerman as Madame Pernelle

Isaiah Zimmerman

Madame Pernelle

Fiona Jenkins as Flipote

Fiona Jenkins


Joshua Hicks as Monsieur Loyal

Joshua Hicks

Monsieur Loyal

Finn Topelmann as Damis

Finn Topelmann


Claire Manning as Elmire

Claire Manning


Jessica Barr as Mariane

Jessica Barr


Savannah Charlish as Dorine

Savannah Charlish


Henry Belliveau as Valère

Henry Belliveau


Jack Aldisert as Orgon

Jack Aldisert


Dylan Palmer as A King’s Officer & The Exempt

Dylan Palmer

A King’s Officer & The Exempt

Cast Biographies

Jack Aldisert – Orgon

Jack, a senior, is an enigmatic warrior-poet who has claimed many prizes in the heat of battle. His life story is the most interesting in the world, but if you want to know about it you should ask him in person. I wish he hadn’t broken my heart all those years ago…

Max Tapogna – Tartuffe

Max, a junior, is honored to be a part of this show and plans on continuing theater in the future. He would like to thank Mr. Lane for this opportunity.

Henry Belliveau – Valère

Henry, a sophomore, is very excited to be returning to the Grant stage for his fourth time, in the role of Valère. This is by far the hardest show he’s worked on and he looks forward to making more appearances on the Grant stage in the years to come.

Isaiah Zimmerman – Madame Pernelle

Isaiah is a junior and this is his first year at Grant. This is his second appearance on the Grant stage. He is involved in choir and dance along with theatre. He is honored to have been accepted into the various arts departments here and would like to thank Jessica Murray for introducing him to this wonderful school.

Claire Manning – Elmire

Claire is a senior.

Savannah Charlish – Dorine

Savannah, a senior, has been in six productions at Grant and plans to get her degree in acting in college. She’d like to thank her friends and family for their constant support and her director Chris Lane for this opportunity.

Michael Meo – Cléante

Michael, a sophomore, is glad to be appearing as Cléante in Tartuffe. He has participated in singing and acting since he was 10. Tartuffe is a continuation of his love for theatre.

Jessica Barr – Mariane

Jessica, a junior, is thrilled to be a part of the Tartuffe cast! This is her second show at Grant, and she couldn’t be happier to perform with this cast. She would like to thank her dad especially for giving her rides, and to her sister for support.

Finn Topelmann – Damis

Finn is a junior who has spent all three years of his high school career heavily involved in choir and theater. He is also a member of Grant’s legendary Royal Blues.

Ryan Little – Laurent

Ryan, a sophomore, has participated in three Grant productions, beginning with “Spamalot” in 2014. He is crazy pumped to be working with the wonderful cast and crew of Tartuffe.

Fiona Jenkins – Flipote

Fiona, a freshman, has performed at da Vinci Arts Middle School and in the Grant One Acts this year. She is excited to be involved in the Grant theater department and happy to be working with such talented actors and tech crew.

Joshua Hicks – Monsieur Loyal

Joshua, a junior, would like to thank his parents for providing subsistence.

Dylan Palmer – A King’s Officer

Dylan, a sophomore, began his theater career after his ACL tore this year. Theater was an unexpected joy for him and he is truly grateful for this experience. He is having a great time enjoying the world of theater and is looking forward to future acting endeavors.