Special Thanks

I owe a debt of gratitude to many people who have helped to bring this show to life. Firstly, Ruth Jenkins for her gorgeous costumes and generous assistance with countless aspects of the production – I honestly can’t thank her enough; Laura Grimes for her tireless fabric/prop/set dressing acquisition and assemblage and uber competent managing of parent volunteers, publicity, program design, and more; ​Felipe-Lujan Bear for his handsome website design; Rich Petralia for his sharp poster; Steve Little for being El Supremo lead carpenter; Rick Belliveau for being the right hand of the El Supremo; Monique McClean for her marvelous marbling; Ingrid Petersen for the generous usage of an heirloom; Sam Jenkins for the devotional painting in Orgon’s chapel; both period one and two stagecraft classes; the entire crew for their hard work and good humor (Brendan, Dan, Olivia, Emilija, Lucy, Kate, Isaac); Brendan Switalla for his lighting design; Bob Goldie for his video work and unflagging support of Grant Theatre; Cerimon House for the authentic set dressings; Melinda Benson for the gorgeous chaise longue; daVinci Arts Middle School, University of Portland, Lincoln High School, Cleveland High School, ComedySportz, Shakesprov for costume loans; Cibyl Kavan for the fancy table legs and a corset (no, really); Matt Kabza’s seventh-period marketing class; Christian Dreyer and Robert Brooks for the fun video clip; and anyone else who may have helped with this show and I may have forgotten. THANK YOU ALL!

– Chris Lane