Special Thanks

I want to offer my heartfelt thanks to the following people who worked so hard to make this production of The Little Mermaid a reality. Time and again… YOU MAKE IT HAPPEN. Jim and Sheli Bryan for their unwavering commitment to the production process, (building and painting the set, procuring boats, coordinating parent volunteers: you guys are the BEST!), Steve Little for his skillsaw artistry and takeno- prisoners approach to legging up platforms and cutting perfect whack-a-mole holes with the precision of a diamond cutter in the back of a Lincoln Continental: “Perfect!” Eve and Rebecca Chelsea for their timely prop acquisition and delightful costume enhancements, Matt Stiles for his stellar lighting design and encyclopedic knowledge of the Grant stage, Tamara Langman for the use of her captivating Mermaid costumes, Willamette Sailing Club for the use of their super cute dingy, Nick Hauser for going way above and beyond the call of his student teacher responsibilities, Sarah Marguier for her brilliant costumes and steady-as-she-goes professionalism, Jen Milius for once again saving the day with her delightful poster and program design, Rana Tahir for her impromptu theatrical painting sortie, Chloe and Elise for their hard work on the polystyrene shapes, (coral, seahorse), Felipe Lujan-Baer for his web design artistry, Stagecraft class (Shane, Keaton, Dreama, Ophelia, Brendan, Bobbi, Sam, Eli, Lucas, and Noah), for all their hard work throughout the year (but especially on this show!), Beth Bernard and Jenny Shea for their logistical support (coffee, sandwiches), and timely displays of bon hommie, my rock star Stage Manager Lucy Aldisert (I will find your coat!), and the tech crew for just being super responsible and supportive and an unqualified pleasure to work with (big shout out to Grace, Sunshine, Amelijah, Ella, and Sarah!), Jess Barr for stepping into the light booth last minute, Richard Smith for your all your rock steady work at the sound board, and lastly, my formidable performing arts team who raises the bar daily and refuses to do anything other than the best work they are capable of: John, Brian, Jessica, and Branic – thank you for infusing this experience with a spirit of collaboration and pushing me to find new answers.

Chris Lane